Our Mission

New Horizon School is committed to providing students with an excellent academic education and firm grounding in moral and ethical values.  The school fosters a dedication to God through virtuous living in a balanced Islamic environment.

Our Vision
New Horizon School seeks to develop in each student a positive identity as an American Muslim who is prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.   We strive to cultivate in every New Horizon student an excellent character supported by Qur’anic principles, enriched with knowledge, and committed to the betterment of family, community, and humanity.

Our Goals

  • Establishing a strong academic foundation by engaging students through a variety of current educational practices

  • Fostering creativity, real-world problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and a lifelong love for learning

  • Creating an active learning environment in which experimentation, exploration, intellectual curiosity and discovery are encouraged

  • Nurturing the development of students’ positive self-concept by discovering,  valuing, and strengthening the unique gifts of each individual

  • Guiding students to engage in ethical decision-making and to apply Islamic principles in their daily lives through various programs and service learning opportunities

  • Instilling in students a sense of God consciousness and the universal values of honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, justice, courage, generosity, appreciation, and commitment and encouraging them to apply these values in their actions

  • Enhancing the students’ understanding of the Qur’an through instruction in the Arabic language

  • Facilitating the development of effective social skills by encouraging self-expression, discussion and healthy interaction with peers and adults in a safe environment

  • Promoting a cooperative and supportive partnership between school, home, and community

NHS Values 
of the Month


Responsibility and Love for God

Commitment and Love for Prayer


Appreciation and Love for Neighbors

Honesty and Love for Truth

Justice and Love for Peace

Courage and Love for Forgiveness

Generosity and Love for Humanity

Kindness and Love for Environment


Respect and Love for Family

Self- Discipline and Love for Oneself

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