Investing in Your Child’s Future

Investing in your child’s future is one of the best investments a family can make.  This is particularly true of the investment one makes in a private Islamic school education.  At New Horizon, we appreciate the efforts that each family makes to provide this special gift to their children.


Since its founding in 1984, New Horizon has been committed to making our school accessible and affordable to all in the community.  Socioeconomic diversity is important to New Horizon as it enriches the education for all children and builds a culture of equity, mutual respect, and appreciation for all.

For this reason, the school has adopted a Flexible Tuition Program Flexible tuition allows for a tuition that meets an individual family’s financial needs. 

 While New Horizon believes that the primary responsibility for educating a child falls to the parent and that each family should contribute towards the cost of their child's education, we also take into consideration that varying tuition levels will provide greater access to a New Horizon education. 

What is Flexible Tuition?

The Flexible Tuition Program gives families an opportunity to apply for reduced tuition with anywhere from 10%-90% off of the regular tuition rates according to a family’s financial situation. 




How is Flexible Tuition Different than Financial Aid?

The focus of the Flexible Tuition program is on what parents can pay for their tuition, rather than looking at a grant or an award.  This program offers a range of tuitions to support the economic diversity that is such an important component of our school community.


How Does Flexible Tuition Work?

New Horizon uses a neutral, third-party organization to assist in the evaluation for Flexible Tuition. That organization is FAST, a service provided through Independent School Management (ISM) and is used by schools across the country to provide flexible tuition analysis.  FAST offers families a secure online application system. Information entered in FAST is shared confidentially with New Horizon’s Flexible Tuition Committee.  The school does NOT receive any funds from FAST.

To cover the shortfall in tuition, the school receives some funds from the Aldeen Foundation.  In addition, a portion of the school budget is allocated towards discounted tuition.

However, we appreciate every family’s willingness to make their best commitment to prioritize their lifestyle spending towards their child’s education in order for the school to remain financially healthy to provide the best educational program possible.

Can Any Family Apply for Flexible Tuition?

We encourage families who have concerns about their ability to afford the regular tuition rates to apply through FAST.  The school works with every family to help set tuition based on the family’s unique financial situation.  It is impossible for the School, or for a family, to determine the exact level of tuition, however, unless the entire FAST application is completed accurately.

All applications for Flexible Tuition are confidential.  New Horizon School does not share a family's financial information with other families or with New Horizon School faculty.


What Factors Affect Flexible Tuition Decisions?

The formula used to evaluate tuition level considers many factors that may affect a family’s ability to pay, including income, assets, family size, cost of living, unusual expenses, and other discretionary costs.

What is the Flexible Tuition Application Process?

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to education expenses, NHS uses ISM’s FAST (Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition) as a trusted third party.  We use FAST to provide a baseline for our flexible tuition determinations.  The school does NOT receive any funds from FAST.  The online FAST application must be filled out thoroughly and accurately for the school to consider a family’s true financial situation.  Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered, and families may be contacted by FAST personnel to verify information.  

Here are the required steps to follow:

  • Complete the online FAST applicationThere is a fee for the application, so please have a credit card available.
  • Submit all 2018 tax forms including ALL schedules, W2’s, 1099’s, and last 2 paycheck stubs.  If you own a business, you must include Schedule C form and any other corresponding documents related to the business.  These must be scanned and submitted directly to FAST.
  • Complete 4506-T IRS Tax Verification FormAuthorization to Release form, and scan and submit directly to FAST.       

All of the above MUST be completed by:

Current Families
MARCH 12, 2018

Note: Applications are not reviewed unless a student is re-enrolled for the new school year.
 New Families

Priority Admissions Cycle - All documents due to Business Office by February 20

Second Admissions Cycle - All documents due to Business Office by May 13



What are Important Deadlines Related to Flexible Tuition?

The FAST application and submission of necessary forms fornew families applying to NHSP should be submitted along with new student online applications. To be considered for Priority Admissions cycle, you must submit FAST application and taxes by February 20, 2019. To be considered for the 2nd Admission Cycle all documents must be submitted by May 13, 2019. Please note: applications are not reviewed unless all documents are complete.

All returning families must complete the FAST application and submit the necessary forms by March 12, 2018.  Please note:  FAST and Aldeen, applications are not reviewed unless a student is re-enrolled for the new school year.

What If the Prior Year Tax Returns and Other Required Forms are Not Submitted with the Application?

In order to provide the NHS Flexible Tuition Committee with the most accurate information to make appropriate decisions,current tax returns are required.

We ask that families, especially those who own a business, to work on their taxes starting in January in order to be ready for the March deadline.

The committee will NOT be able to review a family’s application without the supporting documents. Flexible Tuition evaluations received after the deadline will be processed only after on-time applications.  Reduced tuition may not be available for late submissions and any taxes not submitted by July prior to the school year will result in no award given.


Does Flexible Tuition Continue Throughout a Student’s Years at NHS?

NHSP expects families to submit updated financial information each year so that tuition levels can be adjusted as needed based on changing circumstances.

What is the Aldeen Foundation? (1st - 8th Graders Only)

The Aldeen Foundation provides funds to New Horizon to support the needs of the families in being able to send their children to NHSP.  This organization has separate application processes, which is available for current families and will be available in February 2019. Families are responsible for ensuring they get these applications in on time and completely. The school encourages families to apply for these funds using their specific application processes. 



What if Parents are Separate or Divorced?

The school requires that each household or parent fills out the FAST application and submits the paperwork separately. The school looks at the assets of both parents and households. The school can not be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses.

Who Handles Questions Regarding Flexible Tuition?

Questions about Flexible Tuition should be addressed to the Kim Klosterman in the Business Office at flextuition@newhorizonschool.org or (626) 795-5186 Ext. 1131.



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