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Multi-Subjects  -  Federal Resources on Educational Excellence (FREE) offers a wealth of information and resources on a variety of subjects including math, science, language arts, and social studies. – sponsored by the World Food Program, it offers activities that cover a wide range of topics including math, English, science and social studies. The students start at a basic level and advance in their level if they answer questions correctly. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice is donated by the program! – offers a variety of interactive games and activities in math, language arts, science, and social studies from Pre-K to 8th grade. - offers multiple after-school programs in math, reading and writing for pre-K -12th grade students. It requires a fee for access to their services. – provides access to a wide range of websites covering math, reading, and language arts. – one of the most popular tutoring websites that has a library of over 2400 videos and 180 practice exercises covering a wide array of topics including math, science, and history. This non-profit, free of charge website was started by Salman Khan and has received praise as well as an award from Bill Gates who uses the website with his own children.

Arabic - all-Arabic website provides activities for children - all-Arabic website provides activities for children

Language Arts - In the section on Parents and After-School resources, there is a variety of engaging activities which parents can use to encourage their children in Kindergarten-12th grade to read and write. Created by experts, the materials are meant to be fun, educational and easy to use outside of school. – teaches children to read with phonics.


Math -provides apps for practicing Singapore Math problems – offers interactive math lessons and activities for Pre-K level to Algebra. All of IXL's dynamic math practice skills are aligned to state standards and the Common Core standards, making it easy to find the right skills to practice. – offers lessons and activities in pre-Algebra and above.  – mostly geared towards older students, but some topics can be applicable to lower schoolers. – offers hundreds of instructional resources for students and parents.


Science  –  offered by the National Science Resource Center at the Smithsonian, it provides several links to various websites that provide lessons and activities in the field of science for students and parents. - allows students to experience the world of science without leaving home when they try the online games and hands-on activities available on this website.

Textbook Publishers
For online Math in Focus resources for grades one through five, this site will provide parents and students with copies of their grade level textbooks and workbooks, manipulatives and teaching videos for the chapters/concepts your child is learning.

  • Go to
  • Click on Mathematics in the left hand column.
  • Scroll down to Math in Focus and click. This will take you to the Think Central login page.
  • Once you have reached the login page, you will need to select the following information from the drop down menus:
  • Under State, choose CALIFORNIA.
  • Under District, choose Private School (be patient it takes a few seconds to show all the options).
  • Under School, choose New Horizon School Pasadena (be patient it takes a few seconds to show all the options).
  • Next, you must enter a user name and password.  You will need to use your child’s Accelerated Reader user name and password. 
  • User name:  type in your child’s AR user name (use lower case only).
  • Password:  type in your child’s AR password (use lower case only).
  • Click on My Library, and you will find the support resources.

For support materials and activities for reading/Language Arts/Social Studies textbooks published by Houghton Mifflin:

  • Go to
  • Select your state, then subject, and then grade level.
  • On the next screen, there will be several links to activities and resources related to the textbook used in the classroom.

For support materials and activities for math/social studies textbooks published by McDougal Littell:

  • Go to
  • Select the subject and state and then click on Find your Book.
  • On the next screen, click on the icon for the textbook that is being used in the classroom.
  • On the next screen, there will be several links to activities and resources for each chapter in the textbook. 

NHS Library
You can access the school library on ParentsWeb to browse for available books.

  • Go to and log on with the same username and password as what you used when you enrolled your children at the school.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve that information by clicking on the link Forgot UserName/Password?
  • The district code is nh-ca.
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