Alumni Reflections
By Adel Kamal, Class of 2008

(From a speech given at the Benefit Dinner on November 22, 2008)

Assalamu Allaiykum. Now as you just heard, my name is Adel Kamal and I am a New Horizon lifer. To me, New Horizon has always been a home away from home, a sanctuary of sorts. An atmosphere filled with the most caring and loving of people in our community. No other place in this world could I encounter this degree of compassion and affection and be able to relate to each and every single individual I saw. A year and a half later, I can still vividly remember my many memories on these grounds. Weather it be Mrs. Tucker’s extravagant school performances, Mrs. Al-Sarraf’s comedic plays, or even simply listening to an intriguing lecture in M
New Horizon is my love, it is my community, and most important of all, it is my family. Through my time here, I was guided on life’s roller coaster ride through the basic detailed teachings of Islam and its principles. Every teacher took it upon themselves to guarantee that my peers and I would be prepared, religiously, morally, and academically when it came time to finally set sail into the open waters of the world. Every dream, every aspiration, we had as a student here was encouraged and supplied with the utmost backing from our teachers.
Being the first student from New Horizon to go to my high school, I was fully able to appreciate this support. With the pride in my background I developed at New Horizon, I was able to enter high school with full confidence in my abilities, and even more significantly, myself. To this day I receive words of encouragement from my teachers, reflecting the prevalent attitude of this school, the idea that being the best you can be is the ultimate goal in life. Either in religious matters, acquiring of knowledge, or in decisions in life, the most important aspect is to always perform up to your infinite potential.
At New Horizon, limits were always the only thing off limits when it came to performance. Anything less than our greatest effort was seen as a room for improvement and through pursuing enhancement in this weakness we could always achieve perfection. This approach continues to affect my daily life and is what propels me to my success in high school. However, what I appreciate the most, and continue to benefit the most from, is the strong American-Muslim identity I developed as a student here at New Horizon. During the 11 years at this school, I instilled in me a sense of Islamic pride so strong, so deep, that it remains at the very root of my personal life to this day. I am able to say that I love every aspect of my religion for what it is and that I keep with me all the morals and virtues accompanied with it at all times.
New Horizon is a beacon of hope in this current time of distress. Its light illuminates the young minds of us young men and women, and puts us youth, we who are entrusted with this world once the time comes to do so, in the position to bring this society, this religion back onto the pedestal it was once on.
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