Alumni Reflections
By Noor Merza, Class of 2002

Petals of a Memory

The sun shines high on a sweet summer day.

The wind blows by, making the faded green grass sway.

A smiling face strolls through the fields of long grass.

It spies a sunflower, of simplicity and class.

Green eyes sparkle at the sight.

For with the flower come memories, clear and bright.

The picture of a child enters the mind of the face,

Happy and content, in a peaceful place.

In the sweet comforts of New Horizon School,

She is taught to do good and not play the fool.

She runs and laughs with her friends,

And the ladder of learning she ascends.

The years go by, and the girl grows,

With her love of Islam greatly shows.

And her happiness sometimes seems to end,

When differences arise with a careless friend.

But she opens her eyes so she could see,

That her love for her sanctuary was true and free.

For New Horizon School was like her mother,

And the people in it like her sister or brother.

A smile and a tear are seen on the face,

As the memories return to a cherished place.

A drop of water hits the petals of gold,

As the young white clouds turn gray and old.

The face looks up at the sky,

And is startled at how time flew by.

But time goes on and face the world she must,

To use her knowledge to make the world more just.

The flower and New Horizon are one you see,

For both gave her faith, beauty, and harmony.

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