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New Horizon School is committed to providing students with an excellent academic education and firm grounding in moral and ethical values.



Our School has a remarkable history of graduating hundreds of students prepared and inspired to be valuable, engaged members of our society as well-educated and faithful Muslim Americans.



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  • Spiritual Life
  • Interfaith Program
  • Arts Program
  • Career Day and Community Worker Day
  • Innovation STEM and Design Thinking
  • Peace Garden
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Our students are talented, hard-working and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to
bring their ideas to life. Hands-on opportunities are what we’re all about.

Early Childhood

New Horizon School believes that the best way to support children and families in the beginning years of their child’s educational journey is to create a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment in which both children and parents can learn and grow.


A New Horizon learning experience brings joy and excitement to a young persons life. Our students arrive eagerly at school each day to discover, explore and learn. Our school helps shape the children's first and lasting ideas about themselves, their religion, their country, their culture, and the world. It helps preserve their American-Muslin identity, gives structure, substance, and meaning to basic knowledge, and sparks a lifelong love for learning.At NHSP, the lower school program addresses fundamental basics of a standard curriculum to the spiritual development of the individual within the school community and at large.

Middle School

Middle School sits comfortably between the childhood experiences of elementary life and the increased expectations of high school. It is a place of growth, awareness, and understanding of oneself. It holds an opportunity for learning the connectedness of all subject areas and how they relate to our everyday lives. It allows the students to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate problems, define solutions, and relate their world to the world around them.At New Horizon, the middle school experience provides a wealth of learning from the fundamental basics of a standard curriculum to the spiritual development of the individual within the school community and at large. It is the kind of learning inspired by a spirit of exploration and discovery of the new horizons awaiting us all.


Developing a love for and understanding of God and Islam in each child is an essential goal of a New Horizon education. Our program is designed to nurture a confident, faithful American Muslim identity in each student.


According to Fortune magazine, "Creativity is rapidly shifting from a “nice to have” to a “must have” quality for all types of successful organizations – from delicatessens to design firms." Inspiring children to tap into their creativity in solving problems and in expressing their unique selves is a critical part of the work we do at NHSP.


The Arts program at NHSP provides a variety of ways for students to develop their creativity and express themselves. From the visual to the performing arts, children are engaged in specialty classes that promote creative expression and inspired learning. The Arts are also integrated into all subject areas across the school curriculum.

Outdoor Learning

The vision for a New Horizon Peace Garden, established in 2016, grew out of a desire to develop a space that not only enriches student learning and inspires nature appreciation and environmental stewardship but also serves as a place to sow seeds of peace and understanding through community building.


The mind and body work together to balance a child’s mental and physical health. Regular physical activity is essential to promoting the students’ healthy growth and development. To this end, the school offers physical education classes as well as after-school team sports.

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