Admissions FAQS

1. What is the admissions process for new families?

The NHSP admissions process consists of two parts:

  • 1) The Application process: Submit an online application ($75) and review the How To Apply page for your student’s grade level. Please review the Admissions Calendar for important dates and deadlines. Completing these steps ensures your child’s complete application will be given to the Admissions Committee for review and decision. After review, an email will be sent to families to inform them of the decision.
  • 2) The Enrollment process: This process begins after an acceptance decision is given to a family. Families must submit the online enrollment packet in order to secure a spot for their student and pay a $350 deposit. 

2. When should I apply?

The school has a rolling admission policy. Please see the calendar for details. We suggest to apply in the first cycle.  

3. What is required for student assessment during the admissions process?


We would like to meet your preschooler on the tour. If this is not possible, we will need to arrange a special appointment for the child to “Meet the Teacher” after submitting the application.

Gesell Screening

For Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the Kindergarten teacher conducts the Gesell Developmental Screening. This screening helps us determine the student’s developmental level and readiness in the four domains of development: cognitive, language, motor and social emotional. This process usually takes about 45 minutes.

STAR Testing

For students entering grades 1-8, we assess their math and reading skills using the STAR Math and STAR Reading tests. These tests indicate a child’s level of proficiency in these foundational subject areas and is one predictor of success in our academic program. This testing process usually takes about one hour.

Writing Sample

For students entering grades 1-8, they will complete an age appropriate writing sample.

4. What items are required for submission as part of the application?

Please review the How To Apply page and select the admissions checklist that is relevant to your student’s grade level to know the additional items need to complete their application.  

5. How do I secure my student’s spot?

To secure a spot, you must first complete the Admissions process and receive a letter of acceptance. Once this occurs, you will be able to enroll your child through the school’s Enrollment process. This is explained in more detail in the acceptance letter. To begin the Admissions process, please submit an online application. Also, please refer to the Admissions Calendar for important information regarding admissions cycle deadlines.

We recommend that families submit their applications in the first admissions cycle to have a better chance of securing a spot due to the possibility of limited space availability in certain classes.

6. How many openings would you have in my student’s grade level next year?

It varies from class to class. We will know the space availability after the re-enrollment process with our current families in February. Again, with an application submitted in the first Admissions cycle, there is a better chance to secure whatever spaces are available. Please refer to the Admissions Calendar for important dates and deadlines.

7. How does NHSP determine grade level placement?

For children applying to Preschool through Kindergarten, they must be:

  • 3 by Sept., 1 of the school year to which you are applying (Preschool)
  • 4 by Sept., 1 of the school year to which you are applying (Pre-Kindergarten)
  • 5 by Sept., 1 of the school year to which you are applying (Kindergarten)

8. What is the student teacher ratio?

It varies by class. In our early childhood program, the maximum ratio is 1:12. There are two teachers in each classroom. For elementary and middle school, the average ratio is no more than 1:20.

9. Does the school accept International students?

Yes, we consider applicants of the L-1 visa status whose parents maybe working or studying here temporary from abroad. 

10. What is school’s admission policy?

Click here for admissions policy