Extended Care & After-School Enrichment Program 


Lower & Middle School After-School Enrichment Program

The school provides after-school enrichment classes throughout the week. Parents can sign up for these in the first two weeks of school. The fees may be different for each club or class. Some fees are paid directly to the vendor for the class. Typically, most clubs or classes start at 3:45 p.m. and finish by 4:45 p.m. Children who are not picked up on time are signed in to extended care.

The following are some of the after-school offerings at the Lower School:

  1. Egghead Laboratories – RoboTronics : As Egghead Explorers, students will make a sundial to keep track of the time, a flashlight to see in the dark, fake tar pits, fossils, volcanoes, snow, magnetic bumper cars, and tons more. The best part? They get to take it all home!
  2. Musical Theatre Club : Students will enjoy staging an entertaining musical play featuring songs, dialogue and choreography. Members of the Musical Theatre Club will meet each week for rehearsals until performance day which is scheduled in the Spring semester. Students will be expected to provide simple costumes according to the teacher’s guidelines.
  3. Super Soccer Stars : Students learn soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive and educational environment. Through an age-specific curriculum, soccer is used to nurture, build self-confidence and develop teamwork. Low child-to-coach ratios and positive reinforcement ensures that each child improves at his or her own pace while having a blast!
  4. L.A. Chess Club : During each class students will have 20 minutes of theoretical instruction to learn strategies and then enjoy supervised play amongst each other. Each session ends with competitive games under the guidance of the instructor. Students are awarded trophies and medals at the end of each session.
  5. Professor Egghead Science Academy: Using advanced Lego BOOST, students build high-tech robots and creations using color and motion sensors, gears, motors, pulleys, and tons more!!

The following are some of the after-school offerings at the Middle School:

  1. Debate Team – Joining the Debate Team will offer the students a great opportunity to develop and practice public speaking and debate skills. The school is part of the Rancho California Debate League for students in independent schools, which provides opportunities for training and competitions in the San Gabriel Valley. All debate competitions take place on Saturdays.
  2. Farm-to-Table Class – In partnership with Urban Homesteaders, students will learn about growing and cooking their own food by participating in activities on the MS campus as well as at the Urban Homestead next door.
  3. Team Sports – Students will join the New Horizon Nighthawks team and compete against other independent schools that are part of the Foothills League. Fall (flag football for boys, volleyball for girls), winter (basketball), and spring (soccer) sports are offered. Games will be scheduled on a weekly basis.
  4. 3D Printing Class – This class integrates a nice blend of CAD modelling challenges and theory work, teaching students about the technology of 3D printing and the principles behind how they work. By the end of the course, students will be confident in the use of basic 3D modelling and be able to create files for 3D printing.
  5. Engineering Club – This club provides students with an introduction to engineering concepts through fun, hands-on activities. Students will work together with the teacher on planning projects to complete during club time. This may include building and flying drones, making cars, bridges, towers, etc. based on student interest.
  6. Peer Tutoring – Eligible students in grades 7 – 8 may volunteer for peer tutoring by helping the younger students with their homework during the extended care hours. Participating in peer tutoring will exempt the middle school students from taking the Community Service elective, which is a graduation requirement.

Extended Care Program

The New Horizon Extended Care Program is for children whose parents, due to work-related responsibilities, find it difficult to provide adequate direct or indirect care for their child immediately after school. The extended care activities consist of a study/homework period, snack, free playtime, and quiet activities.

Extended care is offered from 3:00 p.m. (PS & PK) or 3:30 p.m. (K-8) to 6 p.m., each day for an additional charge of $15 per day or $195 per month. Families are billed on a monthly basis for the extended care. 

Also, please note:

  • K-8 students who enter the library at 4 p.m. will be charged the extended care fee ($15/day). Even if it’s 4:01, the family will be charged.
  • PS & PK students who are at the lower school at 3:30 p.m. will be charged the extended care fee ($15/day). Even if it’s 3:31 p.m., the family will be charged. Students may be picked up until 4:00 pm at the Lower School, after which they will need to picked up at the MS Library.
  • Parents must fill out either a daily or monthly form if they are planning on sending their kids to extended care.