High School Counseling Program

In order to fully support our 8th graders with their high school admissions process, NHS provides a high school counseling program that consists of the following:

  • Every spring, the Middle School Director gives a presentation to the 7th grade parents to give them an overview of various high school programs as well as what the high school application process entails so the parents are prepared in advance as to what to expect in the fall of their student’s 8th grade year.
  • In the fall, the MS Director meets with every individual 8th grade family to go over specific options for their student and offer recommendations based on the student’s academic performance, etc. At this meeting, parents are given a comprehensive list of all private schools in the area that have had a proven record of being a good fit for NHS students along with their application deadlines, Open House dates, and application requirements.
  • Every fall, NHS invites the admissions officers of various local private schools to visit our school and give a presentation at lunch time to our 7th and 8th graders where our students have the opportunity to ask any questions they have in an intimate setting.
  • The MS Director sends out information to our 8th grade families about High School Options nights that are held locally in the fall in order to give our students and their parents further opportunities to learn about various high school programs that may be suitable for them.
  • The middle school faculty lends assistance by writing letters of recommendation and offering feedback on the students’ personal statements.
  • The middle school office supports the 8th graders further by keeping track of their application process to make sure all deadlines for submitting transcripts, test scores, and any other required information are met.