Interfaith Program

Interfaith opportunities to gain a better understanding of other religions as well as to gain experience in enlightening others about the religion of Islam. Watch the video below to learn more about our interfaith program with Sinai Akiba Academy.

NHS greatly values interfaith work and dialogue and promotes it in its educational program. Middle School students are offered several opportunities to engage with students of other faiths in order to help them gain a better understanding of other religions as well as to gain experience in dawah, enlightening others about the religion of Islam.

Daniel Pearl Music Concert

In this annual event, which has been taking place for the past 14 years, our 5th and 6th graders join B’nai Simcha Preschool, Saint Marks Episcopalian School, and host Weizmann Day School, to sing together about peace, respect, humanity, and fellowship. Read MoreThis is the only interfaith event of its kind worldwide. After the concert, students eat lunch and participate in some fun activities in order to get to know each other better and share what it means to belong to their respective faiths. Read Less

Faith and Friendship Day

In this event, our 5th graders host students from a Jewish school (Weizmann Day School) and a Christian school for fun activities that focus on students getting to know each other and learning about the values and traditions shared by their faiths. The event includes ice breaker activities, educational sessions, a discovery hunt, a prayer/meditation exercise, and an art project.

Interfaith Educational Exchange with Sinai Akiba Academy

Our 7th and 8th graders participate in an student exchange program with the 7th graders from Sinai Akiba Academy, a Jewish school in West Los Angeles. Read More The program consists of NHS students corresponding with their Jewish peers via email and videos for a few weeks in the fall and then visiting Sinai Akiba in February in order to participate in various educational activities and observe the Jewish prayer. As a follow-up, Sinai Akiba students visit New Horizon in March. During that visit, students participate in other fun, educational activities and observe the Muslim prayer. The purpose of the exchange is for students to learn about each other’s faith and appreciate what they have in common. Read Less