Garden Workshop “Cooking in the Garden”

Facilitator: Chef Sarkis Vartanian

A cooking demonstration by Chef Sarkis Vartanian using produce from the Peace Garden and herbs from the Silk Road Herb Garden.

Sarkis Vartanian Bio:

Sarkis Vartanian is a restauranteur and food activist who was inspired by the slow food movement in Italy that encouraged the enjoyment of regional produce, traditional foods, grown organically and in the company of others, and which teaches the importance of defending agricultural biodiversity.

Here in Los Angeles, Vartanian pursued his passion to make organic produce more accessible by advocating an urban industrial farm and cafe with outdoor seating on the railroad tracks of Industrial Street. The Daily Dose Café emphasizes vegetables and foraged foods while maintaining the traditional emphasis on local foods and presentation that Chez Panisse pioneered in the Bay Area.

Vartanian through Daily Dose has significantly advanced the reach of the slow food movement culture to the high density urban environment of Southern California, transforming a heavily industrial landscape in the Arts District with his culinary craftsmanship.