Path to Progress

The New Horizon Path to Progress prepares our students for their educational and life journey. The bricks that pave this pathway lay the foundation for academic and spiritual success, and consist of four key components: Nurture, Engage, Inspire, and Lead.


Nurture: An environment of safety and belonging creates a community where faith and learning can be explored freely and where students can develop their gifts and talents with caring teachers and staff.


Engage: An opportunity to actively learn and explore all subject areas builds the important life and career skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.


Inspire: Building confidence and self-esteem in each child’s role as a scholar, Muslim, and steward of the earth is achieved through a balanced program that encourages inspired actions, spiritual discovery, service learning, and nature appreciation.


Lead: Promoting leadership throughout our programs cultivates our students’ civic and community participation as American Muslims who contribute to the betterment of their nation and world.