Our Quantum Leap

Our Strategic Vision

“What is a Quantum Leap? It means that a change in perspective is a powerful thing.
It means that the way you see something can actually change that something.”
– Annie Kagan

The legacy of New Horizon began over 35 years ago with the visionary leadership of our founders, and we are positioned to carry on this legacy into the next 35 years and beyond. From a small rented preschool in 1984 to our own expansive campus with accredited and cutting-edge programs, we can all see how far we have come. This inspires us to propel onward and upward.

Our strategic vision involves 5 key target areas:

Innovative STEM Education

About 45% of current jobs are STEM-related. To prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow, they need a strong foundation in STEM today. This requires advanced technology, research-based updated math and science programs, and expanded engineering & coding resources.

Transformative Spaces

Since its opening in 1993, the Lower School Campus has served us well. A capital campaign for a large-scale renovation and a new addition will provide beautiful, safe, eco-friendly and upgraded features for this and the next generation.

Boosting Faith & Resiliency

New Horizon nurtures the social and emotional well-being of our students, guides their spiritual journey, and builds resiliency. Wellness specialists, effective resources and faculty training will help our students develop the necessary toolkit to navigate the challenges of the world.

Securing the Future

Ample financial resources will help our school go beyond the horizon. Expanding our Annual Giving Fund is our first big leap into the future, which leads us to forming an Endowment for long-term stability.

Visionary Leadership

A more robust professional-development program with expert training and resources will further strengthen the leadership skills of our faculty, Board and administration to advance the strategic vision and help students reach their full academic potential.