New Horizon School Pasadena holds a unique position of serving the social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of children in a balanced Islamic environment.  Continuing to be adaptive in times of uncertainty is critical and realistic for NHSP to maintain the learning continuity and sense of community for our students. 

While the school continues to provide educational services through remote learning due to LA County restrictions, we are in the process of making the necessary preparations for a return to campus once it is considered safe to do so.

In addition to the school’s regular annual fundraising initiative, the 2020 Annual Giving Fund: We’re Better Together (Goal: $250K), we have established a Safe on Campus Fund ($150K) to meet the extraordinary costs associated with re-entry. These range from UV wands and electrostatic sprayers to PPE and handwashing stations and much more.

For a complete list of expenses, click HERE.

To make a contribution, click on the initiative below:

Please note: it is imperative that we meet all of our fundraising goals this year, so please consider a donation to both funds, if possible.

If you have questions about the list of expenses for the Safe on Campus Fund or would like to provide in-kind support to any of the expenses on the list, please contact Kim Klosterman, Director of Finance and Operations at

If you have other questions regarding donations to the school, please contact Fatima Cash, Development Director, at