Wishing You the Blessings of Ramadan!


For a special Ramadan message to all our families and friends, please view a video from our Head of School, Amira Al-Sarraf


Ramadan 2022 Appeal 

During our annual Ramadan Appeal, we ask you to support our important work in nurturing the minds and spirits of our students and our community at New Horizon School Pasadena. 

The last two years have been challenging and full of transition for all of us. Our school and our students have overcome many hurdles. We are beyond grateful to have everyone back in-person at school this year. Your support will enable us to continue our work of providing our students with an excellent academic education with firm grounding in moral and ethical values.

With our school’s commitment to the betterment of community, we will be giving 15% of our Ramadan donations to Afghan Refugee Relief, a volunteer-driven grassroots nonprofit organization supporting newly arrived families from Afghanistan. Afghan Refugee Relief provides groceries, hygiene products, furniture, rental assistance and more to our newly arrived brothers and sisters from Afghanistan. Join us in supporting these local families as they embark on their first Ramadan in their new homes.


Last year’s charity partner was Hope Of The Valley, which works to transition individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles into safe shelter and provides services to end the cycle of homelessness one neighbor at a time. Thanks to your support in Ramadan 2021, we were able to contribute $6,400 that went towards providing a tiny home for homeless individuals in need.

Donations made to New Horizon School Pasadena are Zakat-eligible. According to scholars, Zakat includes all beneficial works and projects that support the community such as building and supporting schools, mosques, hospitals, etc. By giving to an educational institution, you are fulfilling your zakat obligations especially given the school’s Flexible Tuition Program that allows families of all socio-economic levels to access an excellent education in an Islamic environment. 



Thank you for your ongoing support and love for our community!